December 2014 eNewsletter is Out!

Hey – if you’re not already one of the 1,500 other chemical engineers that are receiving out monthly Engineering Jobs and News eNewsletter, ask yourself why! There’s a sign-up link right on our homepage and it takes about 20 seconds to add your name to our list. We send out a once-monthly update with hot engineering jobs and industry news and just because we know people are not always in job search mode, we also throw in some entertaining stuff including book reviews, concert reviews, jokes and other things of interest. Here is a link to our most recent eNewsletter, check it out (link is shortened so it wouldn’t take up several lines)!

New Section for Entry-Level Engineers

To all of you entry-level engineers out there – we hear you and we want to help you! Let’s face it, sometimes getting that first job in the chemicals industry is the hardest job to land. We’ve created a page here on our website that has some resources you can use to find and land that first post-college job. We have some helpful links, some resume writing advice, and links to the career services pages at dozens of the biggest engineering programs at Universities around the country. Check it out:

Two Great Counteroffer Articles

Came across two great articles about counteroffers lately through a recruiter contact of mine and I thought I would share them. I’ve seen (first-hand) a few instances over the years of people taking counteroffers and I have to be honest, the advice shared in both of these articles has rung true more often than not. Anyway – for your reading enjoyment:

1.) From the Fordyce Letter in 2010:

2.) An old article, but a good one, by Paul Hawkinson entitled “Road to Career Ruin”: