Links ‘n Things Monday (10/8/12)

On a personal note, I (Adam) ran in the Chicago Marathon yesterday. It was my first marathon and it was quite an experience. There was such great support from the crowds along the route and THE WEATHER, the weather was perfect for a 26.2 mile run. I’m happy to be done, happy to be sitting in a chair all day. At any rate, if you want to read my recap of the race, check out my blog by clicking HERE. Here are some interesting articles from the world of science and engineering. Have a good week!

1) Out of BBC comes news that scientists have found that the venom of the Black Mamba snakes, which is one of the deadliest snakes in the world, contains a pain killer that is better than morphine but has less side-effects. There is one significant hurdle to this type of thing being turned into a drug, but it’s a pretty exciting discovery nonetheless:

2) Don’t let that unemployment number from Friday fool you – the U.S. Economy is hardly out of the woods. Recent news ACC (American Chemistry Council) is that the U.S. specialty chemical market volume saw a drop of 1.1% in August which more than erased a meager 0.4% gain in July. This mirrors a drop in factory orders which declined sharply as well:

3) A bizarre story out of Britain – an 18-year-old woman was celebrating her birthday at a wine bar in Lancaster and had to be rushed to the hospital after ingesting liquid nitrogen that was in one of her drinks. Surgeons performed a complete stomach removal to save the woman’s life:

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