Links ‘n Things Monday (1/21/13)

January is flying by huh? It’s gotten quite cold here in Chicago, it was -1* on the thermometer this morning…BRRR. The job market continues its steady march and I’m seeing that hiring is continuing to be strong in engineering. Most of the jobs I’m seeing are mid-level jobs, but I’m also seeing a few managerial openings as well which is a good sign that the market is balanced. Found a few interesting articles this week, enjoy!

1.) Who doesn’t remember eating Ramen Noodles in college? Well, now you can enjoy Ramen Noodles in style thanks to a new bowl that was recently released – this special Ramen-noodles bowl has a slot for your iPhone or smartphone so that you can distract yourself from the fact that you are eating Ramen Noodles:

2.) I’ve posted other articles on this blog before about 3-D printing technology — and now I see that Nokia is allowing customers to download the 3-D printing specs so that customers can produce a phone-case on their own. In my opinion, it’s only a matter of time before 3-D printing is mainstream technology:

3.) Ever considered what some ice is slippery (on the road for example) and other ice seems sticky (ice cubes)? Wanna know why that is? Read this article:

4.) Here’s an interesting article in over at about how ChemEs can make a difference in the world – the authors of the treatise, members of the IChemE Society (UK-based) are seeking to increase the visibility of the chemical engineering field in the world. They argue that the field is obscure because it lacks the “historical heroes” that other fields have. Do you agree?

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