Links ‘n Things Monday (2/11/13)

This is the time of year that my buddies and I refer to as “sports purgatory” — the space in between the end of the NFL season and the start of either a) March Madness or b) The MLB season. I’m not a huge NBA or NHL fan so February really is pretty much the doldrums when it comes to sports. There’s some golf and the occasional interesting NCAA match-up on, but other than that it’s pretty dead on the sports scene. Lets just say, it’s a good time of year to get those home projects taken care of. But I digress. Here are some interesting articles from the scientific realm for this week, enjoy!

1.) This is an interesting article from the realm of psychology. Scientists have found that people tend to rate themselves as “above average” when asked to compare themselves to others in a number of areas. For example, 94% of college professors rated themselves as above average compared to their peers. Psychology actually has a term for this phenomenon, referred to as “illusory superiority”. It’s a quick-read article and definitely is thought-provoking:

2.) This is an amazing video. This astronomer attempts to put into perspective just how big Space is — it is really fricken HUGE. Best 6-minute video I’ve watched in awhile:

3.) File this one more in the “huh” category – Dow Chemical has decided to leave the National Association of Manufacturers over a dispute involving NAM’s stance on natural-gas exports. Read more about it here:

Three is all I have for today – been kinda slow for chemical manufacturing news – thankfully the job market is still HOT.

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