Links ‘n Things Monday (9/17/12)

Happy Monday — or something like that anyway. It’s been an interesting week at Sun Recruiting. We’re teaming up with AiChe and advertising in their monthly newsletter this month. They send out a monthly industry newsletter to all of their membership and we will have a link to our website on that newsletter so if you get it, look for us! Here are some of the more interesting articles I’ve seen over the past week:

1) Some people really love chemistry…so much so, they weave a chemistry theme into their wedding, take a look at some of the more elaborate efforts:

2) An interesting run-down of what they are making bioplastics out of these days:

3) A fresh look at sugar caramelization including some breakthrough science on the melting point of sucrose:

4) Seems like science-fiction almost, but a professor in Glasgow has developed a printer that can print out medications. Seriously, the idea is that someday, this contraption could be used to print out generic medications such as aspirin…to read more about this, click here:

5) Scientists in California have announced the development of a new transparent solar cell that could turn your household window into a power-generating solar panel. The link was long so I shortened it, please click here:

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