Links ‘n Things Monday (9/24/12)

Saw the movie “End of Watch” over the weekend – definitely one of the best cop movies I’ve ever seen. Jake Gyllenhaal is excellent as is Michael Pena. The movie is full of very coarse language and lots of violence so this is definitely not a movie to take the kids to. Overall, it made me really appreciate the sacrifice that our police officers make to help keep our neighborhoods safe. The western suburbs of Chicago are no ‘Southland’ (what they call south Los Angeles), but I’m still grateful. Here are some interesting articles I came across in the past week, enjoy!

1) If you’re the type of person who enjoys contests, and you have a doctorate degree, this contest might be right up your alley. Gonzo Labs is once again challenging all science Ph.Ds out there to put their dissertation to music. You’ve only got about a week left until the deadline to submit, so hurry!

2) Biologists, chemists and physicists in Scotland have announced the development of a ‘see-through’ soil. This probably doesn’t have much real-world application, but it will allow scientists to peer deeper into the world of root generation and plant physiology. The article is very interesting, check it out:

3) Between this story and a couple of the links from last week’s round-up you might be getting the idea that I like food. This is the science behind grilled-cheese sandwiches, particularly why some cheeses make a better grilled-cheese than others:

4) Not really a science article per-se, but still pretty interesting. This article is about a man who had been in a coma for 7 years and was awoken after being given a sleeping pill, wild stuff:

5) Another salary article for you engineers out there – just a salary summary for each industry. My editorial comment would have to do with the section on chemical engineering salaries – they note that the average salary paid to California ChemE is “higher” than those working in TX – they fail to mention that the cost of living difference between TX and CA is quite substantial:

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