Links ‘n Things Monday – Superbowl Edition (2/4/13)

I assume a fair amount of you out there watched the Superbowl last night – a lop-sided affair turned nail-biter as the 49ers rallied from a big deficit to make things interesting at the end. Personally I had zero rooting interest in the game but I did go to a Superbowl party and was intrigued to see some of the commercials. I thought instead of the usual articles post I would recap some of the better commercials from last night’s game…this year was pretty lackluster in the commercials department, but there were a few that stood out.

1.) I think the winner of the night was actually a fairly serious commercial put out by Ram Trucks featuring the voice of Paul Harvey. Throughout most of the commercial I thought maybe it was an ad for Monsanto or Archer Daniels Midland – turns out it was for a truck that was really only shown at the very end:

2.) Some people thought the VW “Jamaican Guy Commercial” was offensive – but I gotta say, I really enjoyed it…if you can’t make fun of accents then what can you make fun of? Also, VW is a German car company so in my book, they’re allowed to make fun of other people’s accents because German accents are lampooned all the time. My favorite part is when the guy’s co-worker stops him and says, “hey Dave, you’re from Minnesota right?” Being from Minnesota, I found his response laugh-out-loud funny:

3.) It’s getting near the point of over-done, but I liked the latest M&Ms “I Would Do Anything for Love” Commercial:

4.) The worst commercial of the night had to be the big one Mercedes-Benz got when the lights at their stadium went out and cameras were giving still shots of the stadium roof with the huge Mercedes-Benz logo. Talk about a failure…

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