Links ‘n Things Thursday Edition (11/29/12)

After the Thanksgiving holiday last week, things were pretty hectic so I didn’t get a chance to share my normal Monday Links ‘n Things. I hope you and yours had a pleasant Thanksgiving holiday. As for me, I stuffed myself silly and also managed to get quite a bit of running in. I ran a race on Thanksgiving morning and took 2nd place to my brother which was pretty cool. If you like reading about that kind of stuff, you can check out my personal blog where I wrote about it. Some interesting stuff out there for this week, enjoy!

1.) Joseph Murray died on Monday Nov. 26th. If you’re like me and didn’t know who that was, you need to read this very well-written article about him. Dr. Murray was the first person to successfully transplant a human organ when he transplanted a kidney from Ronald Herrick into Richard Herrick on December 23rd, 1954. Ronald and Richard were identical twins which contributed to the procedure’s success (Richard didn’t require anti-rejection drugs, which were obviously non-existent at the time). Dr. Murray won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1990 and died Monday at the ripe old age of 93, read all about him here:

2.) This isn’t science-related, but Netflix is trying to change the way you watch TV. They are the first internet streaming service to take a run at producing their own shows. This article does a much better job of explaining it than I will so I’ll just let you read about it:

3.) This can safely be filed under the “whoa” category. Scientists in Germany have found that when two musicians are performing a duet, their brainwaves actually ‘sync-up’:

4.) Just for fun, every science or engineering aficionado out there has probably seen the show “MythBusters” – this article is along those lines, it’s the “” Top 10 Bad Science in Movies list:

5.) The American Chemistry Council released it’s chemical production numbers for the month of October yesterday and it pretty much shows what we’re seeing. Chemical production increased in all geographical areas of the country except for the Mid-Atlantic, Northeast and West Coast. When you look at where the jobs are…they are pretty much everywhere except for the Mid-Atlantic, Northeast and West Coast. Here’s the full article:

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