Contingency and Retained Searches for the Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Biotech Industries

So you’re looking for a recruiting firm, either to represent you in your search, or to partner with in filling an engineering opening. The question you’re asking yourself is, “how is Sun Recruiting different?” Glad you asked – that is one of our favorite questions to answer. Two words describe how we are different; SPEED and QUALITY. First, speed. The average time that it takes to fill a job opening from the day that we receive to the day an offer is made is 3-6 weeks. When you partner with us, we go to work on your job that day and not only do we use all of our own resources, but we have built relationships over the years with about 20 other recruiting firms that also specialize in this area. We leverage those relationships for you and you get all of our combined efforts, but through one point of contact. This is valuable if you are looking for a job as well because we are not limited to just the roles we are working on – we also have access to the positions that those 20 other firms are working on which gives you more options. Now, quality. We have been recruiting engineers in the chemical industry for a long time. We know more than just the technical piece. We have worked with most of the chemical processing manufacturers out there and we can peel several layers below the surface in finding you talent that will perform AND also be a fit with your company culture. Because of our depth of knowledge in this industry, we know what “great” looks like and those are the types of candidates you can count on seeing from us.