Jobs Openings List

Updated 3/5/2021

If you see a job or jobs that you are potentially interested in, please send me an email and reference the job title(s), and location(s) that you are interested in. If I can, I will get you a full job description with more information. These are all real, active job openings. Not all of them are created equal – some of them are wide open and some of them have people in process.

Broken down into general categories (listed alphabetically by state), with max base salary provided:

Work Remote Openings:
+ Jr. Process Design Engineer – 15-30% travel ($120K)
• M.S. or PhD ChE; 2-7 yrs exp with modeling/simulation and continuous processing experience

Engineering Roles (individual Contributor):
+ Project Engineer – Northern, IN ($120K) HOT
• B.S. ChE/ME; 5+ years with project engineering experience out of chemicals or related
+ Process/Production Engineer – Lexington, KY ($110K) HOT
• B.S. ChE; 3+ years of experience out of PSM-regulated manufacturing, ideally with FDA/cGMP exp
+ Sr. Project Engineer – Jackson, MS ($120K)
• B.S. ChE/ME; 8+ yrs with prior mgmt exp – petrochem or chemical exp a must-have
+ Plant Engineer – Newark, NJ ($135K)
• B.S. ChE/ME; 4+ yrs of exp out of PSM-regulated facility with projects and process engineering experience

+ Process Engineer – Dayton, OH ($105K)
• B.S. ChE; 4+ yrs of experience out of PSM-regulated chemicals

+ Pilot Plant Engineer – Beaumont, TX ($120K)
• B.S. ChE, M.S. or PhD pref; 2-10 yrs of pilot plant exp out of continuous processing
+ Process Engineer – Wyoming ($140K)
• B.S. ChE; 5+ yrs with PSM-regulated chemicals background doing process improvement
+ Project Manager – Wyoming ($140K)
• B.S. ChE/EE; 7+ years out of chemicals or foods with cradle-to-grave projects experience
+ Process R&D Engineer – Seattle, WA ($175K) HOT
• B.S. ChE/Chemistry/ME; 7+ yrs with high-temp processing exp and reactor design exp.

Plant/Operations Management Roles:
+ Operations Superintendent – Southern, AR ($135K) HOT
• B.S. ChE; 8+ yrs out of PSM chemicals with prior supervision/mgmt. exp
+ Operations Manager – Albany, NY ($130K) HOT
• B.S. ChE; 10+ yrs with 5+ years of prior supervision exp out of chems, foods, pharma, etc.
+ Plant Manager – Knoxville, TN area ($160K)
• B.S. Eng; 8+ years of experience out of manufacturing, ideally chems, with supervision

Technical Leadership or Management Roles:
+ PSM Manager – Southern, AR ($125K)
• B.S. ChE; 10+ years of safety/environmental exp out of chems or petrochems
+ Plant Engineering Manager – Idaho ($140K)
• B.S. ChE/ME; 12+ yrs out of foods manufacturing with exp managing a team of at least 75
+ R&D Manager – Baton Rouge, LA ($165K)
• B.S./M.S./PhD ChE or Chemistry, PhD pref; 5+ yrs of tech mgmt, 10+ yrs of polymer of catalyst exp with applications dev or tech service dev
+ Process Engineering Manager – Omaha, NE ($130K)
• B.S./M.S. or PhD ChE; 5+ yrs in food or pharma with process and product development exp.
+ Process Development Engineering Manager – Poughkeepsie, NY ($120K)
• B.S. ChE; 10+ yrs of process development exp out of chemicals or foods
+ EHS Manager – State College, PA ($140K) HOT
• B.S. Eng/Science; 8+ yrs working PSM-regulated industry with extensive safety/security exp.

Quality Manager Roles:
+ QA/QC/Lab Manager – New Orleans, LA ($175K)
• B.S. Eng; 10+ yrs with previous mgmt. experience out of chems/petrochem, six-sigma a plus
+ Quality Manager – Springfield, MO ($130K)
• B.S. Chemistry/Food Sci/MicroBio; 10+ yrs out of foods/pharma and previous QA/QC mgmt.
+ Quality Manager – Northern, NJ ($130K)
• B.S. degree; 5+ yrs of supervision, strong knowledge of AS9100 and/or ISO9001, out of chemicals, aerospace, manufacturing
+ Quality Manager – Toledo, OH ($125K)

• B.S. Science; 5+ yrs out of FDA-regulated manufacturing, with prior supervision exp.

Maintenance Engineer or Manager Roles:
+ Maintenance Manager – Southern AR ($175K)
• B.S. ChE/ME; 10+ yrs of maint/reliability exp, 5+ yrs in chemicals with prior mgmt. exp.
+ Maintenance Superintendent – Southern, AR ($135K) HOT
• B.S. ChE; 8+ yrs of maint/reliability exp, 2+ yrs of prior supervision, ideally out of chemicals
+ Maintenance/Utilities Manager – Peoria, IL area ($120K)
• B.S. Eng; 10+ yrs of maintenance exp out of manufacturing
+ Mechanical Integrity/Reliability Engineer – Lexington, KY ($110K)
• B.S. ChE/ME; 5+ yrs out of PSM manufacturing with mechanical integrity exp; predictive/preventive maint. exp a plus
+ Maintenance Manager – Baton Rouge, LA ($160K)
• B.S. ChE/ME; 10+ years out of chems/petrochems/refining, with 3+ yrs of supervision
+ Maintenance/Reliability Engineer – Upstate, NY ($115K) HOT
• B.S. ChE/ME; 3+ yrs with chemicals or manufacturing exp doing maint/reliability
+ Maintenance/Engineering Manager – Upstate, NY ($150K)
• B.S. ChE/ME; 10+ yrs out of chemicals or related with prior supervision exp
+ Reliability Engineer – Columbia, SC ($120K)
• B.S. ChE; 5+ yrs out of chems/pharma with plant maint/reliability experience
+ Maintenance & Engineering Manager – Western WI ($120K)
• B.S. ChE/ME; 10+ yrs exp managing large capital projects, with supervision exp

Process Control Roles:
+ Corp. Controls Engineer – Northwest IN or Chicago IL area ($130K)
• B.S. Eng; 5+ yrs with PLC controls exp out of chems, gases, foods, auto
+ DeltaV Controls Engineer – Dayton, OH ($110K)
• B.S. ChE; 2+ yrs with DeltaV DCS experience out of chems, petrochem, refining
+ DCS Controls Engineer – Philadelphia, PA ($150K)

• B.S. ChE; 4+ yrs with Honeywell DCS experience out of chems, petrochem, refining
+ DeltaV Controls Engineer – Seattle, WA ($130K)
• B.S. Eng; 5+ yrs with DeltaV controls experience (high-travel role)
+ Process Controls Engineer – Rock Springs, WY ($140K)
• B.S. ChE/EE; 4+ yrs with PLC or DCS experience out of chems, foods, etc