Links ‘n Things Monday (3/11/13)

Sorry for the few weeks hiatus – been busy in the recruiting world. Seems like we go in short cycles lately — in reality there are a far greater number of jobs open than the market of available talent can support and this is due to a number of factors. Every time there is a layoff – there is a frenzy of activity around those engineers and then it dies back down, and then there’s another mini-layoff and the cycle starts over again. As we recently wrote about in our monthly newsletter – we had one candidate recently gather 6 offers, another had 5 on-site interviews, and we routinely see folks have multiple offers to choose from. That’s the kind of market we’re in now. Anyway, here’s some articles I’ve gathered over the past couple of week, enjoy!

1.) Ever wondered why some of your friends seems to be able to party all night while others peter out after a few drinks? Turns out there’s a scientific reason for that and it was recently uncovered in a Yale University study. In heavy-drinkers, alcohol actually fuels their brains not unlike sugars do. Check out the article for the full explanation:

2.) This isn’t really related to any articles I’ve read, but I’ve got a TV show recommendation for you. I’ve recently been watching ‘Breaking Bad’ and have really enjoyed it. The plot revolves around Walter White, a high-school chemistry teacher who finds out he has cancer and in order to provide for his family, he starts cooking methamphetamine. Not only is he good at it – he makes the best meth that anyone has ever seen. It’s not a show for kids. Here’s the info page:

3.) I recently read a book called “Superbug”by Maryn McKenna that goes in-depth into the increasingly alarming epidemic of antibiotic-resistant superstrains like MRSA and the like. Now those diseases have captured the national spotlight and are worth everyone’s attention. England’s chief medical officer released a statement the other day saying that these untreatable infections pose “a catastrophic threat”. Here’s the article, which was also featured on DrudgeReport yesterday:

4.) According to the ACC (American Chemistry Council), the U.S. specialty-chemical market volume slipped by 0.1% in January which came after 2 straight months of gains in November and December of 2012:

5.) A lot has been happening on the artificial vision front over the past few years — and for the first time, the FDA recently approved a device that is capable of restoring sight. This article on goes through some of the devices and technologies that are out there. It’s exciting that we could be close to helping the blind to see:

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