Who doesn’t love a new button to push!? We just updated the site today with a new button, which you will see in the lower left-hand side of the homepage. It reads, “View Jobs by State” and clicking it will take you to a page where we’ve linked to jobs, both chemical and mechanical engineering jobs, in a state-by-state format. This makes searching for jobs in a particular geography super easy. If you’re looking for a ChemE job in Texas, just click on “View Jobs by State”, scroll down, then click on “TX ChemE Jobs”…wahlah…all the Chemical Engineering jobs we have in Texas will immediately appear. If you click on a state link and nothing appears, or you arrive at a search screen, it simply means there are no available jobs at the moment. We hope you find this helpful and as we go along, we’ll add more sub-industry links for engineers in the environmental, civil, etc areas.

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