New Feature: Jobs By State

Ok – so this isn’t a “new” feature, we’ve had things like this before – let’s just say this version of it is a lot cleaner looking than previous attempts. Towards the top of the homepage, you now see two buttons, one says “Jobs By State”, the other says “Submit Resume”. If you click on “Jobs By State”, you are now taken to a page with a map of the United States. If you click on a specific state on that map – you will be taken to a list of engineering openings within that state. The jobs you will see are taken from a couple of places…some of them are my own jobs that I have with my clients and some of the jobs are jobs that other recruiters in my network have. In either case, you are the winner because this is access to a lot of jobs that I wouldn’t otherwise be able to provide you access to on my own. The application process is simple, if you see a job you like, click on the job title, review the description and click “apply” at the bottom of the page. Here’s a link to the new “Jobs By State” page.

**If you see any glitches, please let us know, we’re working on getting all of the state links to work correctly.

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