I know there are a number of recruiters and head-hunting firms out there and sometimes, either when you’re looking for a job or when you’re looking to fill an open position, it can become overwhelming trying to figure out which one will best serve your needs. In light of this, here are some testimonials from some of the clients I have worked with recently. I specialize in engineering jobs within the chemicals manufacturing industry and if you would like references regarding my work for other chemical manufacturers, please let me know and I would be more than happy to give you the names of some people to call.


“I’ve known and worked with John for well over twenty years. I’ve hired a lot of engineers throughout my 30+ year career in the Chemical industry. I’ve always been able to count on John to find great candidates, even in challenging markets and work locations. What I have always really valued in John is his ability to clearly understand the functions I’m trying to fill, the work environment they’ll be working in, and the culture of the company. If I’ve needed a controls engineer working at a Chemical plant located 150 miles from any city in Kentucky; a process engineer who would travel the globe supporting a Corporate Central Engineering group; to production engineers; to R&D engineers…John has always produced a great slate of candidates that I’ve been pleased with well past their hire. John has always worked tirelessly to fill all of my needs.”

–VP, Dir – Major U.S. Chemical Company

“I highly recommend John. I had used many recruiters to find chemical engineers until I met John. His work ethic, the network of professionals he has and the number of quality candidates he provided were unmatched. I have not, nor will I use another recruiter to find a chemical engineer.”

–Former VP @ Rhodia Chemical

“Adam is a talented and results-oriented recruiter. He helped me in my latest job search and was quick to help me find the right position for me. I highly recommend him as a recruiter in the plastics industry.”

–Technology & Innovation Mgr @ Celanese/Ticona

“Adam is a pleasure to work with; he holds the ability to evaluate skills and has the connections to help place talent where they would fit best. I highly recommend Sun Recruiting and thank them for their help!”

–Project Engineer @ Roman Fountains

“As an Operations & Technical Director and a Plant Manager over the last 6 years, I had opportunities to fill multiple vacancies and new positions. Recruiting talent that fits the organization from a technical skills standpoint is a challenge, but the bigger challenge is ensuring a cultural fit. John Peterson has an ability to understand the company culture and find candidates with the perfect combination of leadership & technical ability. He has a wide network that allows him to present a number of candidates at an accelerated pace. The candidates hired through his talent searches hit the ground running and become valuable contributors quickly. I recommend John for any hiring manager looking to a partner with a responsive and customer-oriented recruiter.”–Beth Bowles (Operations & Technical Director)

“I have worked with John repeatedly over the past 20 years and have been extremely pleased with his tenacity and sense of urgency in filling my open engineering positions at several Fortune 500 chemical companies. His careful attention to matching job requirements against candidate qualifications greatly reduces resume screening time and improves recruiting success rate. John is a first-rate individual and I highly recommend him for your recruiting needs.”

–Engineering Manager (Fortune 500 Company)

“I can say John is an exceptional recruiting partner based upon working together with John over the last 15 years. His network and tireless work ethic has lead to successful hires for challenging to find engineering talent. The Chemical and Mechanical engineers I have hired through John have consistently been both successful technical contributors and promotable employees. John provides detailed upfront screening for potential candidates which improves a good initial match with the open position requirements. He is truly a reliable recruiter and placement professional.”

–Engineering Manager @ Shell-Motiva

“Adam has always worked in a very professional manner. I enjoyed working with Adam in the past and would use his services in the future if needed.”

–Director of Reliability – Phillips 66