The Recruiting Process

From time to time I am asked ‘what is involved in the recruiting process’. I can provide two answers, one for people looking for a job (job seekers) and one for people looking to fill a job (client companies).

For Job Seekers

The recruiting process for a job seeker is pretty straight-forward. It starts with the initial conversation we have where we dialog about what you are looking for, where you are looking in the U.S., and talking about your career goals. From there I look at the positions I’m working on and I also have access to jobs through other recruiters in my network that I can look at to determine if I have any jobs that fit your background.

Once we have identified an opportunity that you wish to pursue, I work with you to critique, prepare and submit your resume and arrange phone interviews and on-site interviews, providing you with interview preparation assistance and sharing with you the insights I have about the company you are working with. I do my best to walk you through every step of the process, from resume presentation to the offer acceptance. Our services are completely free to you, the job seeker.

CONFIDENTIALITY: Many of the people we assist in job searches are currently employed and wish to keep their search confidential which is why we NEVER submit a resume without first clearing the job with the applicant.

For Clients

For those of you looking to fill an engineering job opening, the process starts with a conversation where we talk about what you are looking for. Having been in this business for over 30 years, I’ve learned the ropes and I can hold a technical conversation and get very specific on the type of engineer you are looking for. As part of this step, I can give you an honest appraisal of whether the search criteria you are using are realistic and/or competitive in the candidate marketplace. From there I tap into my network that includes many years’ worth of contacts (engineers, other recruiters, and industry sources) and, if I’m able, I gather a few resumes to send along to you for your review. Generally speaking, I check references on candidates before-hand so that you can have confidence that the candidates presented are quality engineers.

Following presentation of the candidates, I help schedule phone & face-to-face interviews, gather additional references (if needed) and provide other pertinent information with regards to the relocation needs and compensation expectations of the candidates. After an offer has been accepted, I stay in touch with your new employee up to and beyond their start-date, assuring the completion of things like background checks and drug screening.