University Career Services Pages

Here is a listing of the career services pages for some of the larger chemical engineering programs in the United States. If you are an alumni of one of these schools, their resources are usually free (or very low cost) to you. There are career fair listings, resumes writing help, career counseling services, etc. If you are not an alumni, you might try calling and seeing if you can attend their job fairs. Universities below are listed in alphabetical order by state.

Auburn University (AL)

Tulane University (AL)

Arizona State University (AZ)

University of Arizona (AZ)

University of California – Santa Barbara (CA)

University of Southern California (CA)

University of Colorado-Boulder (CO)

University of Connecticut (CT)

University of Delaware (DE)

University of Florida (FL)

Georgia Institute of Technology (GA)

Iowa State University (IA)

University of Iowa (IA)

Northwestern University (IL)

University of Illinois (IL)

Purdue University (IN)

University of Notre Dame (IN)

Kansas State University (KS)

University of Louisville (KY)

Louisiana State University (LA)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MA)

Johns Hopkins University (MD)

University of Maryland (MD)

Michigan State University (MI)

University of Michigan (MI)

University of Minnesota – Twin Cities (MN)

University of Missouri – Rolla (MO)

Washington University (MO)

Mississippi State University (MS)

North Carolina State University (NC)

New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJ)

University of New Mexico (NM)

Cornell University (NY)

Rensselaer Polytechnic University (NY)

Rutgers University (NY)

State University of New York – Buffalo (NY)

University of Rochester (NY)

Case Western Reserve University (OH)

University of Oklahoma (OK)

Ohio State University (OH)

University of Cincinnati (OH)

Drexel University (PA)

Carnegie Mellon University (PA)

Lehigh University (PA)

Penn State University (PA)

University of Pennsylvania (PA)

University of Pittsburgh (PA)

Clemson University (SC)

University of South Carolina – Columbia (SC)

University of Tennessee (TN)

Vanderbilt University (TN)

Lamar University (TX)

Texas A&M University (TX)

University of Houston (TX)

University of Texas – Austin (TX)

University of Utah (UT)

Virginia Polytechnic University (VA)

University of Virginia (VA)

Washington University (WA)

University of Wisconsin-Madison (WI)


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